3 Interesting Facts about Spirit Airlines You Should Be Aware

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As we all know, Spirit Airlines is one of the most popular ultra low cost carrier which offers its customers the most cheapest flight services enabling them to travel by air with cheap flight tickets. Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airlines in the United States. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. It is famous for its world class services and low cost flight tickets. It now only provides low cost tickets, but also a user friendly platform for its customers to book Spirit Airlines tickets online. You can visit on Spirit Airlines website and easily book flight tickets for your desired locations. In case you face any difficulty, you can also call the Spirit Airlines toll free number. There are some interesting facts regarding Spirit Airlines reservations which you should know to learn how it operates on such low cost tickets and how you should be aware while traveling through Spirit Airlines. Let us see what these facts are:

  1. Over the last five years, Spirit Airlines has transformed itself into the leading ultra-low-cost carrier in the Americas. In fact, Spirit has sold over a million of its popular $9 fares in addition to an endless variety of other cheap fares. Spirit Airlines believes in customer satisfaction and is committed to making your journeys comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Spirit operates with very low costs by getting the best efficiency from all of its assets. Want to know how it does this? Here is the answer to it. Spirit Airlines flight tickets are available to its customers with a nominal price which is known as the bare fare. Unlike other airlines, it does not includes any additional hidden costs which the customer has to pay even if he does not want to use the facility. Rather, it works on the principle of transparency and like a hotel menu, the customers have their la carte menu offered to them by Spirit to choose which services they want to avail and they will be charged accordingly. The customers are given good quality world-class services, entertainment, luggage carrying,  food, and beverages but only what they opt for and they are charged separately for this.
  • No there is something to be aware of. There is a specifies limit of baggage one can take along free of cost included in the base fare of the plane ticket. Spirit Airlines reservations service has a baggage policy according to which it allows only one personal item which can be a handbag or a laptop bag or anything within the specified weight and height limits. When going for Spirit airlines, do check the baggage policy and mentioned weight and size restrictions. And if your belongings are more than that, then opt for baggage service accordingly with Spirit Airlines reservations otherwise you may end up paying a much higher price.

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