Does Spirit Airlines Charge for Pets?

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Want to travel with your pet in Spirit Airlines? No problem! Spirit Airlines reservations want you to be able to take your loyal friend with you while traveling. That is why it allows you to take your small pets on all the domestic flights.

Spirit Airlines as you know is the most popular ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States. Headquartered in Miramar, Florida; Spirit Airlines is the eighth largest commercial airlines of America. It works on the concept of ‘Less Money, More Go!’ Spirit Airlines tickets are provided at a base fare which the nominal cost of a seat in the Spirit Airlines Tickets and this is way too less than other airlines. For all the other services, the customers need to pay additional charges. But the great thing is, you need to pay only for that service which you avail unlike other airlines, which take charges for unnecessary services which the passenger don’t even require. Spirit Airlines allows pets in the Spirit Airlines flights provided with some conditions. It allows only the following pets:

  1. Domestic Dogs
  2. Domestic cats
  3. Small household birds (except to/from Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I. )
  4. Small domestic rabbits (except to/from Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I)

Please note that birds which are not household birds which include farm poultry, waterfowl, game birds, birds of prey and flightless birds are allowed in Spirit Airlines flights.  Also, we would like to request you to inform well in advance if you have a pet so that Cheap Spirit Airlines Tickets can make the arrangements accordingly because in one flight there are only four to six pet cabins. Guests traveling with pets will need to check-in at the ticket counter. At this time, curbside or self-service check-in is not allowed. Please allow extra time beyond normal check-in guidelines. Also, if your pet like a pug has a breathing problem, we would not recommend you to bring him as the pet carrier is below the seat and it may be dangerous for your pet.

The conditions for pets are that for pets traveling in the cabin, carriers must not exceed 18″ L x 14″ W x 9″ H (45 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm). They must be large enough to allow pets to stand in an upright position and comfortably move about the carrier, but remain fully contained inside. Pets must remain in a pet carrier at all times while on the aircraft. Moreover, the pets must be harmless and healthy. And the pet and the carrier must not be more than 18 kg or 40 pounds.

Spirit Airlines Discount Flights are very cost-effective. It gives low-cost flight tickets but charges for pets. Also, please note that birds are not permitted in the cabin on flights to/from Puerto Rico or St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in the cabin on international flights. Passengers are limited to 1 pet carrier each with up to 2 pets inside. Since the fee is per carrier, passengers traveling with 2 puppies or kittens will only have to pay 1 pet fee. The fee for traveling with your pet is $110 each way. So, do your  Spirit Airlines booking now with spirit airlines website and travel with your loyal friend.

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