Know All About Special Support Preference for Your Journey with Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

pirit Airlines is committed to deliver customer satisfaction with all the required efforts. Spirit Airlines is dedicated towards its service whether it is for any individual. We want the flying experience to be comfortable and enjoyable for you. Although, it is not mandatory to give all the information regarding the disability, however, if you inform and give details well in advance, it will definitely be helpful for us to assist you. You can add such details in the My Trips section of the Spirit Airline Reservations Official Website.  Also, it is very important to alert the station agents about this when you reach the airport so that they do their best to serve you and make you feel comfortable.

Spirit Airlines provide different types of assistance as per your requirement and requests.

  1. Wheelchair Assistance
  2. Airport Assistance- we are more than happy to provide wheelchair assistance to the passengers who require mobility assistance. The airport wheelchairs are available for your assistance at all the airports.

Please note that curbside assistance is not offered by Spirit Airlines at most of our airport locations. In order to receive curbside wheelchair assistance, it is required that a request is made with a Spirit team member inside the terminal.

  • Aisle Wheelchair- Aisle wheelchairs are specially designed wheelchairs for immobile guests to reach their seats while boarding and deplaning the aircraft. If you need an aisle wheelchair, it is advised to make a request for this service well in advance while Spirit Airlines online booking of your tickets. Also, please notify one of the Spirit team members that an aisle wheelchair would be needed to assist with boarding.

  • Meet and Assist

Not familiar with the airport and not comfortable with the airport environment? No worries! We have a special service for you. Meet and Assist is a special service which is available when you do not have any disability, but you require a person to assist you on the airport. To avail this service, you can have a word with our reservation centre at 801.401.2222 and they will happily add this service to your Spirit Airlines reservation. Also, please notify a Spirit team member regarding your request.

Please note that this service does not provide a person to assist the passenger all the time, however, once escorted at the arrival gate, one of the team members will check with you periodically.

  • Family or Friend Assistance

Want to assist your minor at the airport? Or you have someone requiring your special assistance? No worries, with Spirit Airlines Customer Service, you are free to provide this assistance for your child or your differently abled friend, relative or family member.  Please note the following points regarding this:

  • Gate passes are provided at the discretion of each station. They will be issued coherent with the security guidelines of the particular airport.
  • The passes will be provided only for two genuine reasons (or at least one of them). First, you need to accompany a minor passenger. Secondly, if you need to accompany a person with disability. For any other reason like for generally accompanying your pal, they will not be provided.
  • Boarding Details

For the passengers needing assistance, Spirit Airlines customer service also offers a pre-boarding facility on all of the Spirit Airlines flights. Please note that:

  • Guest must be present before the beginning of boarding in order to receive this service

Please notify a Spirit team member regarding your request to pre-board at the gate before the general boarding announcements.

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